Hobby engineering

Our hobby engineering services are offered for customers who require bespoke engineering solutions for hobby use. (Not for profit) We are aware of the high cost some companies charge the customer, we offer our services with very fair pricing structures and with no profiteering to help make your hobby affordable. As with all our work, you are assured the highest quality parts or repairs. No job is to small, please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.

Engineering solutions for

  • Motorcycles, road and competition.  

  • Cars, Kit cars, road and competion.   

  • Marine.

  • Karting, Off road buggies

  • Model Engineers.

  • Remote control model makers.           

  • Robotics.                                                                                    


  • Full Engineering services.          

  • Milling.

  • Turning.

  • Thread repairs.

  • Welding repairs, Mig and Tig.          

  • Mirror polishing.

  • Anodising, plating and  finishing

1A    1B    1C    1D
 Kit car. fly wheel and bell housing adaptor, tube work, spacers, front suspension strut repair.

  • Custom engineering

  • Inlet manifolds

  • Tank work                                                       

  • Casting repairs

  • Brake plates

  • Hose joiners                                             

  • Aluminium welding

  • Yokes

  • Stainless welding

 2A    2B    2C    2D
Fork brace, combined oil filler and breather, fork brace, fuel tank.

3A   3B   3C   3D
Motorcycle engineering. rear sets, twin tube gull arm. deep brace arm, top and bottom yokes.